Financial situation
The budget for Casa Luminii last year was 45,000 euros. Of these, we have received through the government 15,000 euros (33%) for the salaries. The remaining 30,000 euros we try to get together through sponsoring. There are different laws for parents to get money for the care of their child. Up untill now we were not able to get full support. The goverment starts to see that something should happen but changes are very slow. Especially because all the money goes directly to "caretaker" (frequently the parent).They see this as an additional income and not as money that should be invested in their child with a disability. As long as we fall outside the subsidy rules of the Romanian goverment, we find it our responsibility to take care of these children.

The montly costs to offer care for one child is 156 euros and we get 47 euros by means of the government.

There remains therefore 109 euro per month per child which we as a foundation contribute. Would you help this project by collaborating with your family or as a company. Just contact us to find out how.
Thank you, on behalf of the children of Casa Luminii.
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