SION International Foundation provides assistance to children with mental and / or multiple disabilities, who don't have opportunities within existing schools.

20 years after the fall of communism, we see positive developments, although the care for people with disabilities is clearly behind. There are few opportunities for children with mental and / or multiple disabilities to find a place within the existing system.

Since september 2000 we as a foundation were able to offer a number of children a safe place. Casa Luminii functions now for 7 years and we have space for 24 children. We offer this assistance, regardless of race, political belief or faith.

We are pleased with the cooperation which we currently have with the government, but hope in the future that the Romanian government will be contributing more care to this group.

Sion-international foundation - Pastinaak 7 - 7463 CX  Rijssen - 0031 548-366975 - Rabobank Deventer 1364.10.456

Sion-International Foundation
Daycare centre for children in Sibiu - Romania